Tuesday, May 8, 2007

This helps explain things

Dick Morris, a frequent right-wing bloviator on the Fox News Channel, offers here a reason to keep our troops in Iraq.

He says the troops provide a more convenient target for terrorists, thus reducing the need for the bad guys to come to our shores to kill Americans.

UPDATE: Well, we probably don't have to worry about terrorists following our troops home from Iraq. According to Condoleezza Rice, we might have to keep our troops over there forever.

UPDATE II: Of course, using our troops as diversionary bait is nothing new. Remember when Bush actually invited terrorist attacks on our troops? "Bring 'em on," he said. Tom Tomorrow remembers.


UCrawford said...

Most of the people I've noticed who bring up that argument either a) have never served in the military, b) have no family or friends who serve in the military, and c) oppose the draft.

Basically, they're usually cowards who love the idea of picking a fight with anyone and treating soldiers like disposable trash, as long as they don't have to shoulder the costs themselves. It's the same mentality poor people use when they demand that government tax the rich, or that senior citizens use when they pushed for the Medicare drug benefit. Except for Colin Powell, people like that made up the majority of Bush's civilian war council...since almost none of them ever served.

Anonymous said...

Funny to find out that Dick Morris is a noted military analysis, and a right winger who worked for Bubba look the other way on terrorist Clinton. Only in the world of a KOOK....

The Rascal said...

Follow me here, Junior. Perhaps we can work this out. For starters, the word you wanted is "analyst," not "analysis." As for the part about "who worked for Bubba look the other way," well, you seem to be missing a word or two there, and perhaps a little more punctuation would have helped. You might want to ask for help from somebody there at the home. Oh, and don't forget to take your meds. Remember what the doctor said?