Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dare we use the I-word?

The Rascal has been reluctant all along to join the chorus of liberals calling for the impeachment of President Bush. While many of the president's policies and actions have been wrong-headed, none has struck me as a clearly impeachable offense.

Besides, the Clinton impeachment, based as it was on relative trivialities and lacking sufficient support from the public, seems to me to have been harmful to our political system. We shouldn't, I feel, pursue another impeachment without solid reasons to do so.

But now I'm beginning to think that such solid reasons might well exist. The potential last straw arises from former acting Attorney General James Comey's testimony on Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

As Glenn Greenwald notes here, the matter at issue in Comey's testimony was a policy that had been deemed illegal by the Justice Department, a policy that President Bush pursued anyway.


Mike S. said...

You actually read Greenwald?

Are you nuts?

The Rascal said...

OK, Mike, I'll bite. Why shouldn't I read Greenwald?

Mike S. said...

Would you hire a plagiarist to write for you? If not, why let a sock puppet do your research for you? Don't they both have the same disregard for the truth?

I know you like to make a lot of "gotcha" posts about republicans or conservatives. The reason I don't respond to those are: 1. Often you may be right, but right or wrong its difficult to make a judgment based on the information available to me. 2. It would be just as easy to point out "gotchas" on liberals or democrats, but then the discussion starts to sound pretty childish. 3. You run the risk of concluding that the whole political class is either stupid, venal or just evil. That would be a pretty depressing.

Greenwald doesn't write much that can be critically evaluated and still be accepted.