Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gay bashers aren't in the mainstream

For months now, the so-called pro-family crowd and various so-called Christian leaders have been howling to high heaven about the specter of legislation that would expand the federal hate crime law to cover sexual orientation.

The House already has approved such a measure (without, not surprisingly, support from Republican Rep. Don Manzullo), and the Senate is considering a similar bill. President Bush, however, is threatening a veto.

But the Gallup Poll is out today with numbers indicating that more than two-thirds of Americans -- including solid majorities of self-described Republicans, Christians and conservatives -- are in favor of the legislation. It's good to see that rank-and-file Christians generally are defying their "leaders" on this issue.

Read the numbers here, and check this video report from Gallup's Dr. Frank Newport.

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