Friday, May 4, 2007

Is Rockford guy covering for Karl Rove?

There's speculation in the blogosphere lately (here, for example) that Rockford native Michael Elston, a Justice Department official who finds himself in hot water in the Prosecutorgate scandal, has been telling falsehoods to congressional investigators to protect White House aide Karl Rove.

There's also more speculation (here, for example) that Elston's alleged intimidation of three fired federal prosecutors amounted to illegal witness-tampering.

Background on Elston's role in the scandal can be found here and here.

UPDATE: Speaking of Karl Rove, an acquintance of his says the man is an atheist (or at least an agnostic). Hmmm. That throws a whole new light on Rove's political manipulation of the religious right.

UPDATE II: By the way, Rove's son, Andrew, is now of military age, and some of us are wondering if he'll soon volunteer to serve in the war his daddy so enthusiastically supports.

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