Friday, May 4, 2007

Brilliant conservative analysis

Have you ever heard of a guy named Erick Erickson?

He's the head man over at, a prominent conservative Web site that draws tens of thousands visitors each day. He's apparently also a man who likes to cover all his bases, even to the point of being ridiculous about it.

The Rascal was roaming the Net this morning in search of commentary on last night's debate among the Republican presidential candidates when I stumbled upon a piece by Erickson. It was so confusing, I had to read it three times.

In short order, Erickson declared that "John McCain won" and that "Fred Thompson...really won." He said that "not one of the men on the stage rose to a level to really stand out" and that "Mitt Romney shined, he stood out, he did well." Getting back to McCain, Erickson said he "reigned supreme."

Oh, Erickson also said: "Let's not dance around about this."

They actually pay this guy to write this stuff. Read it here.

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