Sunday, May 6, 2007

France sets a good example

Pseudopatriotic Americans like to deride the French for their refusal to join in our military misadventure in Iraq (a smart decision on their part, in retrospect).

One wonders, then, how our legion-hall jingoists will react to the massive turnout of voters for today's presidential election in France. The French, it appears, generally take democracy more seriously than do we Americans. We're lucky if we can get half of our eligible voters off their dumb asses for our presidential balloting.

By the way, our francophobes seem to be unschooled on their own country's history. Were it not for the French, the American Revolution against the British might well have failed. Not only did France provide crucial financial support to our fledgling nation, but a French naval victory in Chesapeake Bay led to the surrender of the British at Yorktown in 1781.

But the dipshits among us, the guys who refer to "freedom fries" and brag that their goosebumps at the sight of Old Glory are bigger than yours, know nothing of these matters.

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Mike S. said...

Yeah, except for the rioting and burning cars they've got that democracy thing down pretty well.

By the way, terms like "legion hall jingoists" say more about the author than the subject.