Thursday, May 17, 2007

Forget Prosecutorgate; this is far worse

The stench arising from issues raised by former Acting Attorney General James Comey in his testimony Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee is becoming increasingly noticeable throughout official Washington and across the fruited plain.

The Rascal mentioned this matter yesterday in this post. Today, even the Washington Post, a previously reliable defender of Bush administration prerogatives, is sitting up and taking notice.

What we have here, folks, is the possibility that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and other officials in the Bush administration, perhaps the president himself, deliberately and willfully committed crimes. This goes way beyond the unseemly manner in which Gonzales and company cashiered eight federal prosecutors.

Here we have a scandal in which former Attorney General John Ashcroft, ordinarily no hero in my book, is one of the good guys.

Paul Kiel over at TPM Muckraker has a good summary of the whole matter right here.

UPDATE: Glenn Greenwald has more to say on this issue.

UPDATE II: The New York Times also has this editorial.

UPDATE III: Legal whiz Jonathon Turley sees an impeachable offense in this stuff. Here's the video of his appearance on Keith Olbermann's program.

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Lucky Jack said...


I lived in Missouri during Ashcroft's eight years as governor. One of his major concerns, as I recall, was making sure that rum-filled chocolates weren't sold on Sundays.

You know things are bad when he's the voice of reason.