Saturday, May 12, 2007

American Hezbollah

Hezbollah is an Arabic word standing for "party of God," and it's the name of an Islamic political and paramilitary organization based in Lebanon.

Hezbollah also is the Arabic word for what Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen thinks of the Republican Party.

Van Hollen told a gathering in Lake Geneva today that the Republican Party is "a party of God, we’re a party of faith, we’re a party that will do the right thing and represent the people."

Such theocratic rhetoric brings to mind George W. Bush's messianic complex and his image among worshipful admirers as a messenger of God. It also helps explain why W's administration has hired more than 150 zealous graduates of Pat Robertson's clown college, Regent University.

Such rhetoric also comports with the opinions of Bishop Thomas Doran of the Catholic Diocese of Rockford, who sees the Democrats as the party of "abortion, buggery, contraception, divorce, euthanasia, feminism of the radical type, and genetic experimentation and mutilation," as he so gently put it in a column last summer.

One wonders if America's "party of God" might eventually mimic its Islamic namesake with a Christian form of Jihadism.


Lucky Jack said...

About Doran, let's take his points one at a time. First, abortion.

Here is a section from the current Democratic platform, approved at the 2004 convention:

"Because we believe in the privacy and equality of women, we stand proudly for a woman's right to choose, consistent with Roe v. Wade, and regardless of her ability to pay. We stand firmly against Republican efforts to undermine that right. At the same time, we strongly support family planning and adoption incentives. Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare."

It's not Doran who says the Democrats are the party of abortion, it's the Dems saying it themselves. They specifically separate themselves from the Republicans.

The Rascal said...

Jack: The Democratic platform makes it the party of choice, not neccessarily of abortion. The Republicans, by contrast, are opponents of choice. Some of them -- the orthodox Catholics, for example -- are against even artificial birth control. Anyway, you were going to cover Doran's "points one at a time." Where are the others?

Lucky Jack said...

RR, your last post was an exercise in semantics. How could Doran be wrong, within the context of the two-party system, to label Dems the abortion party? You said yourself they are much more liberal in this area than the Repubs.

Now on to buggery. Again, from the Dems platform:

"We support full inclusion of gay and lesbian families in the life of our nation and seek equal responsibilities, benefits, and protections for these families."

Again, where's the ambiguity? Compared to Repubs, the Dems are far more tolerant of buggery (though I wouldn't agree with Doran's choice of words, assuming you've quoted him correctly).

Mike S. said...

Wow, a politician pandering to a special interest group. What is our country coming to?