Friday, May 4, 2007

Rockford historian Jon Lundin is dead

I received word a few minutes ago that Rockford historian Jon Lundin died suddenly last night.

Lundin, the author of "Rockford -- An Illustrated History," of which there were several editions, was president of the Abilities Center and a community activist.

The Register Star Web site at likely will have details of Lundin's passing later this morning.

UPDATE: The Register Star has a nice piece on Lundin here.


Bob Schaper said...

Jon was a great fellow, one of the true bright spots among Rockford's leaders. He loved Toad Hall and old buildings and, most of all, helping people.

Rest in peace...

The Rascal said...

Bob: Hear, hear!

Mr. Baseball said...

This is a real loss for the Rockford community. He did so much and with no ego.