Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fox News accuses U.S. generals of betrayal

Wow. The right-wingers who have taken it upon themselves to protect American military leaders against criticism suddenly have a huge workload.

You already know about the big dustup over the ad in The New York Times that dissed Gen. David Petraeus. And we've told you about the episodes involving Rush Limbaugh (here) and American Conservative magazine (here). Well, now Fox News has waxed treasonous with sharp criticism of our valiant military leaders.

Retired Army Col. David Hunt, a military analyst for Fox News, has written a piece for the network's Web site in which he declares: "Our generals are betraying our soldiers..."

The headline on the essay pulls no punches: "Top Military Officials are a Disgrace to Those They Lead."

Isn't it strange that in the few short days since Congress approved resolutions condemning the ad for daring to question Petraeus, we've had this rash of denunciations of American troops and their leaders by conservatives?

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