Monday, September 17, 2007

Why aren't we celebrating today?

Today is Constitution Day, the 220th anniversary of the completion of work on our nation's founding document, without which there would be no United States of America -- at least not as we know it.

So where are the parades? Why isn't this a national holiday? Why do so many Americans have little or no knowledge of what's in the Constitution, how it got there and what it means?

Eric Lane and Michael Oreskes have some interesting observations on this subject.


MR. BASEBALL said...

Good piece Rascal. Where are all the "patriots" of our country on this issue? Why aren't they demanding a national holiday and the teaching of the constitution in all schools? If you get weepy at the sight of the flag and singing of the national anthem, you should faint at the mention of our constitution. This document is really what our country is about.

The Rascal said...

The problem is that the Constitution is not "high concept." The document is complicated. The Declaration of Independence, on the other hand, is seen as the colonists telling the Brits to shove it up their asses. The World Wars are seen as heroic action. The Constitution is all about lawyers and courts and government and boring stuff like that. Most people just can't get excited about it.