Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Have sympathy for global warming skeptics

Gosh, I can't help but feel sorry for the few folks who are still skeptical of global warming reports. The poor bastards!

These people are forever looking for signs that the climate situation isn't as bad as Al Gore and his ilk make it out to be. And they're forever looking for evidence that the general public isn't buying the alarmism over global warming. Their quest on both counts, however, is futile.

Some of you may remember the fun we had with the deniers a few months ago when they got all excited about a poll indicating widespread skepticism about global warming -- only to have their enthusiasm dampened when it turned out that the poll was totally bogus.

Well, now they're facing even more discouraging news. There's a new BBC World Service poll -- an honest-to-God scientific survey -- showing that people all over the planet are convinced that human activity is contributing to global warming and want something done about it.

The question arises: What are the skeptics going to do now? Most climatologists disagree with them. Most of the world's population disagrees with them. The only people still on their side are the creationists, the Limbaugh dittoheads, the Fox News crowd and assorted other mouth-breathers.

The skeptics are left only with the barely comforting thought that when they're finally proven wrong on this climate-change thing beyond any doubt, the human race might well have been made extinct by then, thereby sparing these idiots the humiliation and derision they'll so richly deserve.

Pity them.

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