Monday, September 24, 2007

"Ashokan Farewell"

I saw the first installment of Ken Burns' miniseries on World War II last night on PBS. It was good but somehow not as affecting as his masterpiece on the Civil War.

I think the difference is that Jay Unger's beautifully haunting "Ashokan Farewell" served as the theme music for the Civil War series.

Check it out here:

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MR. BASEBALL said...

Rascal, thank you for pointing this out. I did not see the World War II episode, but I own the Civil War series and it's by far the best thing ever produced for television. It brought me to tears more than once, and you're right about the music. Seeing as how the Civil War is the transcendent event in the history of the United States and the beautiful job Ken Burns did in making the series, I think it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to match or top it. You might know who said "If you want to find out what the United States is all about, study the Civil War." That may not be the exact quote but it's close. And it's still true today. A major reason why we are such a violent country is because of the Civil War.