Friday, September 28, 2007

Conservative mag rips Petraeus

What will the pseudo-patriots say about this?

American Conservative magazine says Gen. David Petraeus is a "sycophant" and "a political general of the worst kind -- one who indulges in the politics of accommodation that is Washington’s bread and butter but has thereby deferred a far more urgent political imperative, namely, bringing our military policies into harmony with our political purposes."

The piece by Andrew J. Bacevich says Petraeus "has failed his country. History will not judge him kindly."

Now, we'll see if the right-wingers who got their undies in a bunch over's famous anti-Petraeus ad in The New York Times have anything to say about this far worse slap at their hero.

Let's not expect much. So far, these wingnuts haven't raised any fuss about Rush Limbaugh's latest slander of U.S. troops.

UPDATE: John McCain and Mitt Romney have criticized Limbaugh for calling antiwar U.S. troops "phony soldiers."


MR. BASEBALL said...

I can't remember. In what war did Limbaugh serve?

The Rascal said...

He's still serving in the war against truth.

Henry said...

Forget a war. He never had guts enough to put on the uniform.