Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Might Manzullo not run again?

According to this Web site, there is "speculation" that U.S. Rep. Don Manzullo, an eight-term Republican from the 16th Congressional District of Illinois, won't run again next year.

The site links to a piece published Tuesday on, but it's available by subscription only, and The Rascal is not prepared to subscribe.

Democrat Robert Abboud of McHenry County announced Monday that he's running for Manzullo's seat.


MR. BASEBALL said...

I saw it but it's just speculation. Unless there's some personal family reason, and there might be with his wife's health, I think Manzullo will run again. He might also be concerned about getting some real opposition this time.

Chuck Sweeny said...

Is Mr. Baseball the same guy who pedals tax free municipal buns?

Chuck Sweeny said...

I remember Mr. Baseball. Is he the same guy who pedals tax free municipal buns?

The Rascal said...

Chuck: I'm not sure. But then, I don't inquire into the actual identities of my secretive correspondents. For all I know, Mr. Baseball is a mild-mannered bookkeeper. (I love that word "bookkeeper." It's one of the few that has three adjacent sets of double-letters.)