Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rumor that Manzullo won't run is denied

Last week, The Rascal passed along the rumor, which emanated from Roll Call, a Washington paper, that Republican Rep. Don Manzullo of the 16th Congressional District of Illinois might not seek a ninth term.

Chuck Sweeny (pictured here), political editor of the Rockford Register Star, reports today that an aide to Manzullo says the rumor is bunkum.

Sweeny also refers to me as a "rascally left-wing blogger." Hey, that's not fair. Rascally, yes. But, left-wing? Come on. I'm a timid, moderate fellow, not much more radical than your average Kiwanian or your typical member of the Jaycees.

By the way, is there still a Jaycees?


Chuck Sweeny said...

Sorry. I thought I'd seen you at that clandestine meeting of the Kiwanian Liberation Army back in '72. You know the one, I think it was at Nino's Steak House.

Or maybe it was at Jaycee Nation commando camp in Ogle County. You know, the one where they have an endurance test where you have to climb Mt. Morris.

The Rascal said...

Truth be known, I'd rather Mount Carroll than Mount Morris.