Monday, August 13, 2007

Global warming skeptics think the tables finally have been turned, but have they?

NASA has announced that some of its temperature data for previous years were skewed a bit because of a computer glitch.

Global warming skeptics have seized upon the issue as proof that the alarmism over climate change is greatly exaggerated, if not entirely discredited.

Here's perhaps the best single source for arguments on both sides of the matter. There are more than 130 comments on this piece, and some of them are quite arcane. But the reading is worth the effort.

UPDATE: Kevin Drum has something to say on this subject. So do his commenters.


Anonymous said...

Only anti-capitalist that hate this country believe in man made global warming.

The Rascal said...

Only a blithering idiot would say something like that. Countless capitalists who love America concede that global warming results in part from human impact. See if you can come with a more intelligent observation next time. But I won't hold my breath.