Monday, August 13, 2007

Twenty taboo topics

Here are some issues the presidential candidates dasn't talk about on the campaign trail.

This stuff is funny and informative, just as The Rascal usually is.


MR. BASEBALL said...

Rascal, I can't believe how right on the money this guy is. His comments about sex, atheists or Muslims getting elected President, military spending, criticism of Isreal, proudly being intelligent and the war on drugs are issues I've thought about for years. The war on drugs is especially significant. We lost that war a long time ago, and yet we continue to waste resources on it. It's also the reason our prisons are bulging, and the reason street gangs have become such a problem. But let's not admit any of this. Let's just build bigger jails like the one in Rockford.
Please have more of this guy on your blog.

The Rascal said...

I'll get right on it, Mr. B.

Henry said...

It's a travesty that so many people are serving time in this country simply for drug use. I'm not talking about violent offenders, just users, or people dealing enough to support their habit. They don't need prison, they need effective programs to deal with their problem. Legalizing drugs would dry up the black market, and taxes on the sale of the stuff could help fund programs for people with a problem. There is no black market for alcohol or tobacco, but prohibiting them would create a huge black market the same as there is now for cocaine, marijuana, etc... There is underage drinking and smoking, but if there was a healthy black market for this stuff, it would be easier than it is now for kids to get alcohol or tobacco. This problem is never going to go away, but a smarter public policy could go a long way in reducing it. Putting drug offenders in prison only serves to screw people up more, when what they really need is help with their drug problem. Punishment does not work, just look at the recidivism rate. Why not try something else? Oh, and how about letting people with cancer smoke a little pot so they aren't puking so much? How can anybody be against that?

MR. BASEBALL said...

I couldn't agree more Henry. What amazes me is how street gangs thrive because of the illegal drug trade the same way the mob thrived during prohibition, but the public doesn't get it. It's interesting that Rockford's current police chief several years ago went to Amsterdam on a Rotary exchange program and had very positive things to say about how the Netherlands handled the drug issue.