Monday, August 13, 2007

Now Chris Matthews has gone too far

I dissed Chris Matthews here last week, and with good reason, but now I've got even more reason to wish that he'd go away.

The guy is a blatant sexist, and his offenses are no less egregious than those for which Don Imus got canned by MSNBC, the company that still employs Matthews.

The parent company of MSNBC also owns CNBC, where Erin Burnett works. She's the woman whom Matthews disrespected last Friday night with his inappropriate remarks about her looks.

Matthews has a long record of sexist remarks, and he'd better soon reform or he's going to come under the same kind of unrelenting fire that chased Imus off the airwaves.

Incidentally, Digby's worthy take on this latest of Matthews' offenses is right here.

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