Sunday, August 19, 2007

Put this poll in your pipe and smoke it

Conservative bloggers have been peeing in their pants lately with delight over polls that show great public dissatisfaction with the Democratic-controlled Congress.

They ignore, of course, the fact that the low numbers for Congress reflect, in part, great dismay that lawmakers aren't taking a harder stance against the Bush administration. The right-wingers want us to think that the polls reflect an anti-liberal bent among the public, which is nonsense.

And the conservatives have got nothing to say about a Pew poll showing that Americans favor the Democratic Party over the Republicans by a margin of 15 percentage points. Karl Rove's dreams of a permanent Republican majority are gone with the wind, as this piece notes.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the dissatisfaction is because the entire congress, irrespective of party, is seen as accomplishing little other than supplying pork to their own benefactors, lining their own pockets, and working to turn their elected offices into a sinecure.

The Rascal said...

Could be. And, man, I hate them sinecures real bad.