Friday, June 8, 2007

Oh, the humanity!

Now that this spoiled slut is back in the slammer, can anything be done about also incarcerating anybody and everybody who gives a damn about her travails? How about revoking their citizenship? Taking away their voting privileges (not that they're the kind who would bother voting)?

It's disgraceful that MSNBC has required political talker Chris Matthews to lead his show tonight with this crap. Keith Olbermann probably will be forced to follow suit.

I'm not saying that there's not an audience for this nonsense. Television is awash in tripe that attracts huge numbers of mouth-breathers, but they're not exactly the same folks who can read stop signs without moving their lips.

What makes the network pinheads think that the reasonably literate political junkies who watch Matthews and Olbermann care one whit about Paris Hilton? Wait! Let me guess: It's focus-group feedback interpreted by junior executives who are convinced that celebrity bullshit like this on a political show will attract young viewers. As if.

Most people who don't chew gum or uptalk hardly even know who Paris Hilton is. Hell, I used to think she was an it -- and it was a hotel in France. I still don't know what she's famous for. How can such a cipher actually have what the supermarket mags refer to as "fans"?

We're on the road to perdition, people. Mark my words.


Mr. Baseball said...

Rascal, you're adding to the insanity.

The Rascal said...

You're right, Mr. B. I'm out of control. Stop me before I further damage the psychic fabric of our society.