Wednesday, June 13, 2007

About Rockford's federal courthouse

A few months ago, The Rascal proposed, mostly in jest, a bold political strategy for freeing up the government money to begin construction of that long-awaited new federal courthouse in downtown Rockford.

My idea depended mainly upon the political partisanship of Lurita Doan, the boss at the General Services Administration, which controls the money for such projects as the Rockford courthouse.

But alas, Doan finds herself on the hot seat -- for the very partisanship I had counted on in my brilliant stratagem. Hence, my plan is rendered moot.

But there's still some fun to be had in this matter, if you're the kind who gets a kick out of watching political hacks squirm under pressure. Witness Doan's tortured effort today to explain away her threat of retaliation against department employees who had cooperated with federal investigators looking into her misdeeds.

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