Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is this guy whipped or what?

President Bush seemed disturbingly stunned and breathless today in responding to the death of immigration-reform legislation in the Senate.

(H/T to Talking Points Memo.)


Anonymous said...

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The Rascal said...

Thanks for the Widgetmate tip. I'm going to consider it.

Henry said...

I could have puked when I heard Bush say congress needs to work on balancing the budget. Not a word from him when the Republicans controlled congress and they were spending money like drunken sailors. Bush has got to be radioactive to the republican party since everyone but the extreme right sees what a mess he has made of this country. A war based on lies, forty million Americans without health insurance, a huge budget deficit versus a suplus when he took office, sky high gas prices, both borders wide open to whoever wants to walk in (including terrorists), refusal to allow embryonic stem cell research (although most Americans support such research), etc... Can things get any worse with this guy?