Friday, June 29, 2007

Uh-oh! They say The Rascal's a naughty boy

I went over to this Web site (H/T to What's Left in the Church) to get a decency rating on my blog, and they gave me this NC-17 thing.

It's unfair, I tell you. I've never dropped an F-bomb or said anything really obscene or profane. Okay, there's been the occasional S-word and B-S word and A-hole-word. But c'mon! I'm not running a Sunday school here.

Well, hell. If they're gonna rate me NC-17, I might as well let loose. Just you wait!


MR. BASEBALL said...

Rascal, I can't believe you didn't get an x-rating. Anyone who makes derogatory comments about John Wayne, our current President and right-to-life vigilantes is unamerican. The next thing you know you'll be knocking J. Edgar Hoover. My son is 26 and I won't let him read your blog.

The Rascal said...

You're a good father, Mr. B.

marbargarbo said...

I think it's funny that it gives you that rating based on common words like abortion and gays. It doesn't say, this blog says "a$$h0le" or anything like that.