Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Damn! I'm likely to miss out on this

Just my luck!

Somebody's uncovered a letter written by Sir Isaac Newton in which the physicist, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, alchemist and all-around good guy predicted that the end of the world will come in the year 2060.

I was kind of hoping to be around for the final curtain -- you know, just to see how everything turns out. But I'm already a little long in the tooth, which means, barring the sudden development of some miracle drug that cures everything that's wrong with me, I'll be long gone by 2060.

I'm especially interested to know if we'll still have troops in Iraq. Maybe the surge will have been successful by then. And what about Paris Hilton? What will have become of her? Man, I hate to think of dying before that question is answered.

You see, I always figured the world would last for centuries or millennia after my demise. But now Newton has raised doubts about that. It looks like I'll be taking my leave only a relatively short time before the curtain comes down. Drat!

Hey, maybe if I started taking better care of myself....Nah, what's the use? The effort would just ruin my final days, and I'd still come up short.

Oh, well, I'll just keep blogging until the Grim Reaper gets here.

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