Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Rascal reaches a milestone

The post below this one is the 500th since this blog was launched a little less than five months ago, a rate of production that pales in comparison to the blogosphere's big-timers but isn't too bad for an endeavor that's not much more than a retirement hobby.

Comments have totaled 331, and that's not counting a few dozen that have been rejected or deleted for various reasons (none of which, mind you, includes simple disagreement on political point of view).

Revenues from advertising have been nil, I'm sorry to say, as have financial donations in response to the polite little plea on the upper right of this page. Speaking of which, any small change readers could spare would help avoid or minimize my having to take up other labors to keep the wolf from the door and thus having to cut back on the blogging.

I am grateful to all who have visited here, especially to those of you who have stopped by more than once or have contributed comments.

If I can crank out another 500 posts by Thanksgiving, I'll be happy.

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