Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Will Rockford hockey fans settle for fewer fights?

This guy in Davenport is skeptical about Rockford's hockey deal and says local fans might not appreciate the American Hockey League's tendency toward less thuggery on the ice.

Geez! Is that what they go to those games to see? And the city wants to market such bloodlust?

The Rascal hasn't paid much attention to the controversy over this deal, but he's going to follow it more closely now that he sees that the success or failure of the venture might pivot on the extent of the violence.

What decadence!

By the way, the Rascal also can't understand why State's Attorney Paul Logli doesn't prosecute hockey players who engage in fights.

Fighting is against the rules in hockey, isn't it? And fighting is illegal if it happens in a saloon or on a street corner, right? So, why isn't fighting on the MetroCentre ice a prosecutable offense? If a couple of spectators in the arena start throwing punches, they'll get busted, won't they? Well then, so should the cretins wearing hockey uniforms.

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