Friday, February 16, 2007

The Rascal told you so

Untold millions of people scoffed at The Rascal when he declared last week that neither Rudy Giuliani nor John McCain will win the presidency next year.

How can you say that?, they asked. Giuliani and McCain are riding high in the polls in the race for the Republican nomination, they said. You know nothing of politics, they scoffed.

Well, who's scoffing now? Check these latest poll results. Mr. Straight Talk and America's Mayor are in free fall. Eventually, both of them will be out of the running.

You see, right-wingers dominate the nominating process in the Republican Party, and them folks ain't gonna nominate neither of these dudes.

Oh, you're free to doubt the political wisdom of The Rascal, but it's risky to say so publicly. More likely than not, you'll become a laughingstock.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think the front runners this early on in the primaries have ever won. Clinton was almost dead last before the primary thus earning the name "the comeback kid". This of course does not include those who where President or vice President at the time.

The Presidential race is a Governors battle, senators need not apply.