Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Rascal takes a pass on a boycott threat

The Rascal hates the Fox News Channel as much as the next guy. Its blatant bias and its Orwellian claim to fairness and balance are appalling.

Still, there's something terribly wrong with efforts like this one by some of my fellow lefties to bring pressure on local businesses that buy ad time from cable companies on the channel that carries Fox.

If the threat of boycotts -- which is what we have here -- makes advertisers wary of being even remotely associated with political opinions expressed on radio or television, the networks and local stations, in turn, will offer us only pablum.

If you choose not to buy a car from a dealer who runs ads during local cable breaks on the channel that carries Fox, that's your business. But it's wrong, I think, for anyone to organize a campaign or otherwise put pressure on that car dealer.

You'd think my so-called liberal friends would understand this. Some, I'm sad to say, don't.

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