Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Rockford blogger buys GOP B.S. about Pelosi

Phil Pash, a local blogger fond of spreading anti-Democratic stories whether they're true or not (including certain fictions about Barack Obama) is at it again. This time the target for his errant shot is Nancy Pelosi.

Says Pash: "Poor Nancy, She Wants a Bigger Plane: I see where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is complaining about the size of her airplane. Typical, isn't it, always complaining about something? Maybe she could haul out her broom and fly to California on that. All the Democratic Dames have a broom in case of emergency."

It's not enough that Pash doesn't check the facts, including the fact that Pelosi made no such complaint (the truth can be found here), but he has to throw in some sexist garbage about "dames" and "brooms." (Dames? He sounds like a character in a 1940s movie.)

Pash can at least take solace in the fact this his handling of the Pelosi story isn't much worse (except for the childish "broom" angle) than what we've seen from many of the major media.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying Pelosi did not ask for a larger plane? What angers conservatives is the way Pelosi campaigned on less government waste and a cleaner environment then wants a jumbo jet to cart her around.

By the way thanks for heads up on the mis-quote from my post. I gave you credit for the correction.

The Rascal said...

Rusty: I am, in fact, saying that Pelosi didn't ask the a larger plane. Click on the "can be found here" link in the third paragraph of my post for the full story, which includes this passage: "It was the House of Representatives' Republican-appointed Sergeant at Arms, Bill Livingood, who requested the Pentagon give Pelosi a larger plane because he thought it was important for security reasons that when possible she fly nonstop to California."

Anonymous said...

I'm confused, since the c20 can also make the flight non-stop. I guess thats why I don't believe it.

Washington times reports it was Murtha who asked for the jet.

The Rascal said...

Rusty: The issue is whether Pelosi requested a bigger plane. She didn't. The Sergeant at Arms, appointed Republicans, made the request on his own. Even the White House says this controversy is "silly." Read the whole story on the link I provided in my post.

Anonymous said...

why isn't Pelosi demanding the same plane the former speaker had? It makes no sense. Imagine if you asked for a flight home and they showed up with a 757 jumbo jet for yourself and a few others.

If Pelosi had nothing to do with it you would think she would ask for a smaller plane. But she didn't. It just doesn't make sense.

The Rascal said...

Randy: The lady over at sums up the matter nicely:
"About this Nancy-Pelosi-wants-a-big-ass-plane thing. For those of you who apparently don't yet know these things, here are the facts: The Bush administration agreed to provide Dennis Hastert with government air transport after 9/11. Pelosi has not asked for anything more than Dennis Hastert got. The House sergeant-at-arms, not Pelosi, suggested that the capability to fly all the way from D.C. to California would be preferable for security reasons. Nancy Pelosi has not requested a C-32; she didn't even request a C-40 (neither of which are a "jumbo jet." She has not made any special requests based on a desire to fly in the lap of luxury or to bring a whole entourage of aides and family members along with her; in fact, she said she'd even fly commercial if it would shut people up. Even the Bush administration, not usually known for going out of its way to defend Democrats, has said the whole thing is 'silly.'"
So, let it go, Rusty. Just about everybody else has moved on.

The Rascal said...

Oops. Sorry, Rusty. I called you "Randy."

Anonymous said...

Sorry this one gets to me. I am in the Air Force and I know how much work it takes to put a 757 in the air. I cant believe doing it for one person.

Both are military planes and neither has any defensive capabilities. The Pentagon was right to "shoot the request down"