Thursday, February 15, 2007

Some stuff about God you may not know

Renowned doofus Virgil Goode, a Republican congressman from Virginia, took to the floor of the U.S. House on Thursday to opine that failure to support President Bush's military surge in Iraq could lead to America someday having the words "In Muhammed We Trust" on our money.

Which raises some interesting issues. Among these is the likelihood that Muslims would feel no inclination whatsoever to rid our currency of "In God We Trust." You see, Muslims, Jews and Christians believe in the same god (as noted in this piece).

There might be some validity to Goode's point if our money said "In Jesus We Trust," but it doesn't (nor would the Constitution allow it, because it would amount to a government endorsement of Christianity over other religions).

So, thanks a lot, Virgil. Your idiotic utterance has given The Rascal cause to educate the masses on this common belief in the god of Abraham among Christians, Jews and Muslims.

And at no extra charge, I'll pass along the counterintuitive fact that 75 percent of Arab-Americans are Christians, not Muslims.

The Rascal is always here to serve.

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