Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Update on that rat The Rascal smelled

Regarding that dubious "poll" showing Americans waxing more hawkish on the war in Iraq (see the post just below this one), the only media touting this nonsense are a few far-right bloggers and the New York Post, the trashy tabloid owned by the infamous Rupert Murdoch.

Just about everybody else, to the extent that they're mentioning the matter at all, are dismissing the "poll" as the work of a notoriously biased outfit. Check here and here and here and here.

Meanwhile, most of the major conservative outlets are shunning this "poll" like the plague. Even the Drudge Report, which broke the startling news Tuesday afternoon with big headlines, dropped the matter five hours later and hasn't mentioned it since. Drudge apparently sees it as a loser.

That odor, it seems, really did come from a rat.

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