Saturday, July 21, 2007

Would Don Manzullo want President Bush to campaign for him here in Rockford?

Some conservative Republicans are less than eager to have President Bush appear with them on the campaign trail, lest his unpopularity rub off on them.

Which raises this question about the Republican from The Rascal's 16th Congressional District of Illinois: Would Don Manzullo want Bush alongside him on the stump?

If not, why not? After all, Manzullo has consistently voted the Bush line from the get-go, especially on matters related to the war in Iraq. If the administration's policies are worthy of unswerving support, why should Manzullo avoid a public embrace of their author?

Just asking. Hell, for all I know, Manzullo might actually welcome Bush. But, of course, Bush would refuse to appear in a truly public forum. His handlers allow only carefully selected audiences of dependable loyalists at his events.

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MR. BASEBALL said...

I can't believe Manzullo would have Bush campaign for him. If nothing else, Manzullo is a smart politician whose biggest strength is staying away from anything controversial that might hurt his re-election. He has quietly supported Bush on the war with Iraq. You never hear him make any big public pronouncements on the issue.