Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Talk about burying the lede...

The top story in the latest edition of The Rock River Times, a weekly newspaper here in RascalLand, concerns the competition among four local lawyers for the appointment to succeed Paul Logli as Winnebago County state's attorney.

Logli, who is vacating the office to accept an appointment to a local judgeship, had suggested that the County Board pick his longtime No. 2 man, Chuck Prorok, to serve out the remainder of his term. But Board Chairman Scott Christiansen (right) decided instead to go with Phil Nicolosi, and the choice is expected to be ratified by the full board on Thursday night.

The story in The Times, which is characteristically overwritten and includes some gratuitous Mafia-baiting of the Italian-American Nicolosi, doesn't get to the most interesting passage until about the umpteenth paragraph:

Nicolosi’s brother Paul is president and CEO of The Buckley Companies, LLC (formerly Principal Group). Christiansen’s D-2 campaign disclosure reports show $31,400 in contributions and loans from Buckley to the chairman’s campaign. A third of the $15,000 in loans was forgiven...The Rock River Times asked Christiansen if Buckley’s contributions and forgiven loans were a factor in making his appointment. “No, absolutely not,” Christiansen responded.
One can imagine that many readers moved on to other stuff before learning that Christiansen chose the brother of a financial benefactor rather than the more experienced longtime assistant to the incumbent state's attorney.

And one wonders how much public attention this angle will get before the full County Board decides whether to ratify Christiansen's choice.

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