Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Don't be smug! I'm onto you bastards!

Some of you who regularly visit this site think you're pretty clever, don't you?

Some of you who submit seemingly friendly comments think you've gained my confidence, right? You're just waiting for the opportunity to turn against me, right?

You thought I didn't know about this, right? Well, think again, buckos!

I can smell an FBI informant even through the mists of the blogosphere. Accordingly, I've changed the codes I use for the texts of my blog posts. Right under your stupid noses, I can still play a role in the grand liberal conspiracy to sap so-called patriotic, conservative Americans of their precious bodily fluids, and there's a not a damn thing you can do about it.

You don't know my real name, and you don't even know where I am. Rockford? Don't make me laugh. I could call myself The Poughkeepsie Rascal, but that wouldn't mean that I'm in Poughkeepsie. But, hey, I'm not saying I'm not in Poughkeepsie. That's for you to find out.

Lots of luck, suckers!


Anonymous said...

Paranoid delusions of grandeur?

The Rascal said...

Hey, it's not paranoia if they really ARE out to get you. You're one of those informants, aren't you?