Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Has Dennis Miller EVER been funny?

The man is an embarrassment, as evidenced in this video, wherein his case against Harry Reid rests mostly on Reid being old and having a less-than-great speaking voice.

For comedic chops, Miller pales in comparison to his leftist counterpart, Bill Maher.

Truth be known, I think Dennis became mentally unstuck when his gig on "Monday Night Football" humiliatingly failed.

But, hey, he fits in nicely on the Fox News Channel, where nobody's funny (at least not on purpose).


MR. BASEBALL said...

Well said Rascal. Miller was never very funny on SNL and he was a disaster on MNF. He's an arrogant windbag who delights in using big words without saying anything meaningful or amusing.

The Rascal said...

Besides, conservatives are never intentionally funny. They're humorlessness is part of their conservatism. Whereas, we libs...well, we're just funny as hell without really trying. Frankly, I crack myself up. And you, Mr. B, as a fledgling standup artist, are the essence of mirth.