Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mitt weeps at thought of his sons in war, which hasn't actually happened, thank God

Although Mitt Romney's been a backer of George W. Bush's war in Iraq all along, none of his five sons has ever bothered to join in the fighting. As Mitt has previously noted, the boys are serving their country in their own way -- by working on dad's presidential campaign.

But that doesn't mean that Mitt can't get all weepy at the thought of one of his sons coming back from Iraq in a flag-draped casket. Just yesterday, he recalled having endured such thoughts and emotions.

He's a great American, that Mitt Romney. The man's been through so much. I can hardly bear to write about it.


Will Pfeifer said...

To quote Woody Allen as a child in "Annie Hall".... "What an asshole!"

The Rascal said...

Hey, c'mon, Will. Cut the Mittster a little slack. He's got five sons -- five! -- about whom he can have thoughts of them perishing in this noble war in Iraq. What a burden it must be for him. I don't know how he gets through each day. And, of course, you've heard about how he cried like a baby when his religion, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, decided in 1978 that black folks are not automatically doomed to hell after all. Mitt's got a lot of courage.

lucky said...

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