Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Frederick of Hollywood is too crusty

David Broder doesn't often hit the bullseye anymore, but he had it right the other day when he said that "Fred Thompson appears perpetually grumpy -- a presence hard to imagine inhabiting the Oval Office."

Maybe that's why Thompson, who was expected by some to surge to the front of the Republican presidential pack, has faltered instead. The guy always seems peeved. Yeah, Americans in general are pretty pissed these days, but they're not likely to elect a grouch to the presidency.

Ah, but Don Manzullo, who represents The Rascal in Congress, is sticking with Fred. Too bad Manzullo's not a betting man. I'd be glad to give him 5-t0-1 odds; he gets Thompson and I take the rest of the field. No, hell, I'd give him 10-to-1 odds. The only place Fred is going is back to Hollywood.

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