Friday, December 7, 2007

Jefferson could never get elected today

Thomas Jefferson, who was not the Christian that some of our preachers these days pretend he was, could not be a contender for the presidency in 2008.

Jefferson was bitterly opposed by the Religious Right of his time. Today, he'd be condemned as the Anti-Christ.

Check out Tom's religious views here.

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MR. BASEBALL said...

The same thing could be said about Lincoln, who used many references to God in his speeches but was not much of a religious man in the sense we define it today. He did not attend Church and did not seem to have much use for organized relgion. In addition to Jefferson, another of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, was an agnostic most of his life. Franklin did embrace the idea of a supreme being late in life but did not fully embrace Christianity. In his early years he left Boston for Philadelphia because of the puritanical culture of Boston. If Franklin were alive today, he undoubtedly would be one of the major voices protesting the religious right.