Monday, October 1, 2007


Deep down, I understand that it's unfair to judge a person by his or her looks or clothing. But I'm nonetheless taken aback by this photo of Debra Cagan, deputy assistant secretary for coalition affairs to Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

(No, this pic wasn't snapped at a costume party or any other such affair.)

I'm also taken aback at Cagan reportedly having said: "I hate all Iranians."


MR. BASEBALL said...

Has she ever met an Iranian?

Henry said...

Wow. This person has a leadership role in the defense department? No wonder we are in the mess we're in. Probably a better fit in Homeland Security.

The Rascal said...

Mr. B: What do you mean "she"?

jock ebenocht said...

I'de like to gut her like a catfish and watch the creamers love her where she goes pot pot