Friday, October 5, 2007

Whiny white men

Oh, pity the poor white man these days!

What with all your uppity women taking jobs that used to be the exclusive province of guys, and what with all your dusky minorities turning up all over the place, and what with your John Waynes being few and far between anymore -- well, Jeez, a white dude can hardly catch a break.

And now they tell us that the disfavor for the Democratic Party among most white men is just tough toast, because the demographic groups that lean toward the Democrats increasingly outnumber the white guys.


MR. BASEBALL said...

Rascal, this is a travesty. I think we need to get back to our roots and what the founding fathers of this country intended. The only people allowed to vote should be white, male landowners. If it was good enough for the founders of this country, it's good enough for me. And for good measure, gays and non-Christians shouldn't be allowed to vote either.

The Rascal said...

Yes, but you're redundant. Mr. B. Gays are ipso facto non-Christians, aren't they?