Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pope waves from Hell, says it's not so bad

Countless Catholics are claiming that the late Pope John Paul II recently appeared in a bonfire in Poland waving his right hand in greeting.

Even Vatican TV is convinced that JP 2 has pulled off yet another miracle.

But then, there also are Catholics who claim that the late Mother Teresa once appeared in a sweet roll:


MR. BASEBALL said...

And these people wonder why organized religion doesn't have much credibility today. Instead of finding likenesses of the Pope and Mother Teresa, why aren't these same Catholics holding more of their own church officials responsible for the pedophilia scandal, including the late Pope John Paul II who did nothing in response to it?

The Rascal said...

There's a great book on the hypocrisies and deceptions of John Paul II and many of his predecessors. It's titled "Papal Sin -- Structures of Deceit." It was written a few years ago by Garry Wills, the distinguished historian, who has twice won Pulitzer Prizes. Wills, a former Jesuit seminarian, knows more about church history than 99 percent of the priests and bishops. He wrote the book before Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI, and his portrayal of the man is highly unflattering. Ratzinger's views on women, for instance, are downright primitive.