Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Twelve brave Army captains

Pseudo-patriotic pukes like Rush Limbaugh probably think of these Army officers as "phony soldiers."


Anonymous said...

Funny, I know more than 12 brave officers who totally disagree with these 12's assessment. Why are only the ones who disagree brave in your mind? And pull you head out of your nether regions about the phony soldier remark. The truth is out there...Rush has never impugned real members of the military! No matter how many times this lie is repeated it will still be a lie!

Georgfelis said...

Nope, but by the articles own recognition, only two of the twelve served within the last year in Iraq, and most of them have been out of the country for two or more years, way before the current surge strategy. It would have been a fair analysis of the situation on the ground two years ago perhaps, but is far out of date and completly misrepresents the situation on the ground now.

Jules did a nice rundown on the article, and Yon (who is actually present in the country at the moment) just splattered the poor thing.