Thursday, October 11, 2007

Furthermore regarding American flag pins

Roy Edroso over at Alicublog isn't desecrating the flag when he offers this observation:

From the guy who fired Brad from All-American Burger in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" to Fox anchors to the creeps who run for office to "American Dad!", the flag pin has proved a reliable symbol of dickitude. Seldom have I seen an otherwise normally-dressed guy wearing a flag pin and thought, oh, isn't that sweet, he's telling America that he loves her! No, long experience has taught me that the pin-wearer wants something from me: either my vote, or an unearned advantage for whatever song-and-dance or sales pitch he's about to spool out. Or he wants the other Republicans in the room to spot him, so they can huddle privately and exchange stories about how they dicked someone over. Or he wants to pass for a dick so the other dicks won't gang up on him. Which makes him a dick.

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Will Pfeifer said...

This guy is exactly right.