Monday, October 8, 2007

A soldier explains why he fights

Iraq War veteran John Bruhns (left) is what pseudo-patriot Rush Limbaugh would call a "phony soldier."

Bruhns explains here "why I fight and why we all must."


Anonymous said...

Wait, this guy didn't lie about his service or falsify his records so how can he be one of the "phony soldiers" Limbaugh was discussing?

You know, those phonies Operation Stolen Valor was set up to address - and that ABC news covered shortly before Limbaugh made his comment. You know, those that Limbaugh addressed in his pre-show message the day before?

Oh wait, you don't know? Or you just aren't saying?

The Rascal said...

I know what Limbaugh said. I've read the transcript (the REAL transcript, not the edited one he came up in trying to weasel out of his slander). The man labeled antiwar troops as "phony soldiers."
Check my post of Oct. 4 ("Olbermann on Limbaugh").

The Rascal said...

Better yet, every defense of Limbaugh on this matter is refuted with his own words right here:

Limbaugh even called Jack Murtha a "phoney soldier." Murtha may be an ethically challenged lawmaker in some respects, but he's also a genuine decorated military vet.

MR. BASEBALL said...

Excellent post Rascal.