Sunday, April 1, 2007

Time passes by

Stuff like this is why The Rascal let his subscription to Time magazine lapse a while back.

Newsweek isn't so bad, but it's no great shakes either. It, too, won't be arriving at Chez Rascal once the current commitment ends.

But Time is just awful. The once-proud franchise has slipped badly in the past few years.

Nor is its Time's corporate kin, CNN, much good. Larry King should be put out to pasture. John Roberts? Nothing. Paula Zahn? Ditto. The O'Briens (Miles and Soledad)) are insufferable. Wolf Blitzer is a crashing bore. (And what's the deal with Wolf standing there with a stack of papers and a pen in his hands on "The Situation Room"? They're just phonus balonus props apparently intended to convey the image of Wolf as an alert journalist prepared to take notes on the fly.)

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