Friday, April 13, 2007

Here's the guy who bought the RRS

Mike Reed, the boss at GateHouse Media, the new owner of the Rockford Register Star, was profiled last month in Editor & Publisher.

The paper's editors and staffers likely will be pleased to read this stuff at the bottom of the piece:

"Reed vows there's one area in which GateHouse papers will not be hearing any dictates from HQ in the Rochester suburb of Fairport, N.Y. 'One thing we're not centralizing is really the core of the business -- and that's content,' Reed says. 'Our publishers and editors all know their markets.'

"The only mantra, he says, is that editorial content should be predominantly, if not completely, local. But he adds that there will be no micromanaging: 'We will do what we can to help our papers, but if we went to our daily in Devils Lake, North Dakota, and tried to tell them what to do, it would be a disaster.'"

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