Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Remember the guy who got booed off the stage at Rockford College?

Chris Hedges is his name, and he's got a provocative piece right here.


mike s. said...

You know, if you just read the direct quotes its hard to get too excited about anything that the fundamentalist preachers say. The rest of the story is editorializing without much support provided.

Maybe you want to argue that fundamentalist preachers don't have a right to make those statements?

The Rascal said...

Mike: Why would I make such an argument? I wouldn't have even linked to the Hedges piece were it not for his indirect connection to Rockford. Frankly, I don't buy into everything Hedges has to say. And I don't buy into hardly anything preachers have to say, be they fundamentalists or otherwise. Superstition is not my bag (except for that lucky charm I carry in my pocket).

mike s. said...

What struck me about his piece was that although it was very well written it was very short on substance. It's the kind of thing I normally read right over because it is short on facts but heavy on emotional appeal. I was surprised that you would find it worthy of a link.