Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Moyers kicks liberal media butts -- big time!

In a 90-minute report on PBS tonight, Bill Moyers delivered an awesome roundhouse punch to the liberal media for its scandalously unquestioning acceptance of the Bush administration's lies during the run-up to the war in Iraq.

It's too bad that every American -- especially every journalist in the country -- didn't see this important documentary. PBS would do well to re-run it a few times over the coming weeks and months.

Moyers didn't plan it this way, but his devastating piece aired on the same day that this NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that most Americans aren't buying the Bush bullshit on the war anymore and are no longer afraid of being labeled unpatriotic by the die-hard hawks and right-wing nut cases.

The poll also shows that most Americans agree with the Democrats on setting a timeline for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

If Bush refuses to sign the war-funding bill, it is he, not the Democrats, who will have betrayed both the troops in Iraq and the American people.


Mike S. said...

You know, you're right about all the confusion with the "Democrat/Democratic" party name. Lets just change the name to the Copperhead Party and be done with it.

The Rascal said...

Mike: Well, then, this is a Copperhead nation, since most Americans agree with the Democrats.

Mike S. said...

At the time, most agreed with the decision to invade Iraq. So the democrat strategy is to follow the pols?

That could be politically dangerous.