Monday, April 16, 2007

Nut cases seize upon Virginia tragedy

The authorities haven't even finished counting the dead and wounded in today's shooting spree at Virginia Tech, but the wackos already are touting their conspiracy theories on the Internet.

These two guys have especially fertile imaginations. They think the shootings were part of a government plot to advance gun control.

We can expect a lot more of this stuff in the coming days, months and even years in connection with this awful event.


Anonymous said...

We are also going to hear a lot of bullshit about the Second Amendment and how this massacre wouldn't have happened if everybody at Virginia Tech was carrying guns. Count on it.

Mike S. said...

Everybody doesn't need to carry a gun. One person could have been enough. I would bet that there were students there who had been in Afganistan or Iraq and were well qualified to carry a firearm.

Here's a case of a shooting at a college where a student retrieved a firearm from his car and disarmed and held the shooter for police. I tried to find a contemporaneous news article on the incident but none of the mm accounts mentioned that the student that caught the shooter was armed.

UCrawford said...

Conspiracy nuts abound every time something like this happens. Most of them are too whacked out to realize that government just isn't competent enough to do something like that without word (and proof) of it leaking out. I suppose it makes their lives easier to believe that somehow there's a big evil force to blame for all the bad things in the world rather than to accept that it was a pretty much unpreventable, random massacre conducted by one unhinged individual and not part of a giant conspiracy. Fricking conspiracy loons and their victim mentalities.